We visit you!

The very first thing we like to do with all our clients is to meet you face to face and preferably in your office. By visiting your office, we can get an excellent understanding of the culture within your company, and a much better feel for the organisation. Just by walking into an office we can establish which candidates are more likely to suit your culture. These meetings also give you the client an opportunity to screen us, and help you decide whether you would like to work with us

We introduce the right candidates

Our candidates are properly screened before being introduced to any of our clients. Not only does this dramatically improve our chances of making a successful match but it also eliminates candidates that are not as serious about their careers as we are. How many times have you sat there waiting for candidates to arrive for an interview are completely wrong for your position? It happens all the time, but by using us you are greatly reducing the risks of time and money wasting.

We do the reference checking

With a great knowledge of who’s who in the zoo and an extremely good relationship with the majority of the industry’s top employers, we are able to gain references on candidates you may be considering employing, giving you peace of mind. And saving you time and money.

We conduct Salary Surveys

We will give you advice on salary packages, benefits, job descriptions and contracts of employment, all of which are accurate, up to date and free of charge as part of the service that we offer.

Confidentiality is assured

The Real Estate sector is small and as such we always maintain the highest degree of confidentiality, protecting the interests of both our clients and our candidates.


All advertising campaigns and designs are organised by us, again saving time and money.

No Placement, No Fee

We offer a professional and consultative service and like you, we work on a no placement no fee basis.

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